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    Smart Forvision sat-nav

    Smart Forvision sat-nav Inspired by the steering wheel of Smart's new concept car, the “Forvision,” designer Keith Reilly has come up with a wrist-mounted sat-nav that will allow safe and easy navigation to bikers, while enhancing the user experience. Dubbed the “Smart Forvision sat-nav,” the futuristic navigation system is easy to operate and functional in use, which will navigate bikers safely to their destination. Designed with cycling couriers in mind, the new navigation system by the Irish designer can be worn on your wrist like a watch to allow easy access to the user on the move. Featuring a smooth design with copper buttons on a white curvy surface, the hi-tech sat-nav apart from being functional also becomes a fashionable accessory for the trendy users. Presenting tactile feedback to the user, the Forvision sat-nav is not only safe but also adds to the overall pleasure. [gallery ids="4566,4567,4568,4569,4570,4571,4572,4573,4574,4575"] [Cheers Keith]  

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    Autodidactic Camera by Adrien Guérin_02

    Autodidactic Camera by Adrien Guérin_02 If compared to a conventional film camera, digital photography offers various untapped opportunities to improve the user experience. In an attempt to control complexities of digital cameras, designer Adrien Guérin has come up with a new type of digital camera that simplifies access to the intricacy and richness for common users. Hailed as “Autodidactic Camera,” the new digital photography device by the French designer presents a user friendly design, so users need not to understand the mechanism of the unit. Displaying the aesthetic components of the photo on textured adjustment rings, the digital camera lets you capture elaborated pictures with minimum fuss. Organizing the pictures with a personal interface, the Autodidactic camera instantly sends photos to your computer, Facebook, email, etc., so you could vacate the internal memory of the camera and share photos with your friends and family in real time. Last but not the least, the camera moves pictures, via augmented reality, around the people to enrich their experience through the most discerning users. Winner of the Observer Design Prize 2012, the Autodidactic camera is scheduled to be presented at the "Tomorrow is today # 4" exhibition at the International Design Biennial in Saint-Etienne, from March 13 to June 5, 2013. [gallery ids="4578,4579,4580,4581,4582"]

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    CoolShip Android based desktop_02

    CoolShip Android based desktop_02 Entering the band of keyboard-based desktop computers, China’s FocusWill Information Technology has come up with an Android based desktop dubbed the “CoolShip,” that looks more like a keyboard than a computer. Powered by a 1.5 GHz Rockchip dual-core RK3066 ARM processor with Mali-400 graphics, the new computer runs on Android 4.0, with an optional Windows-like custom skin, especially for Chinese users. Featuring 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and standard 4 GB of NAND flash storage as, together with optional 8 GB, the CoolShip integrates a full-size keyboard that sports 104 chiclet-style keys with touchpad to the right, other than stereo speakers (each rated at 0.7 W) underneath the major keys. Incorporating two USB 2.0 ports, 3.5-mm audio in and out, SD card slot, Ethernet LAN and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi technology, the keyboard-based desktop supports 1080p HD video playback on a connected monitor via VGA or HDMI as well. Integrating a 3.7 V (300 mAh) lithium battery to protect the OS, in case of a power failure, the CoolShip is currently seeking funding at Indiegogo for global production. When it’s produced, users will get 8 GB of storage, USB mouse, 16 GB SD card and a tested version of the English version of the custom Android overlay for just $119. [gallery ids="4596,4597,4598,4599,4600,4601"]

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    Audio Book by Foreign Policy_05

    Audio Book by Foreign Policy_05 Developed as a part of the Browsing Series project, the “Audio Book” from Foreign Policy is an up-cycled audio system that apart from producing quality sound also helps in sustaining the environment. Crafted from a scraped out copy of “The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker,” attached to a wooden casing, the Audio Book combines the analog with the digital format to create a sustainable audio system. Offering adequate space to nestle a small speaker within, the Audio Book also integrates an on/off switch, together with the volume control. Users can attach their portable devices, such as a mobile phone or portable music player, to the audio system to enjoy an amplified sound. Crafted and assembled with hand using varied books, the Audio Book ranges between $350 and $750. [gallery ids="4606,4607,4608,4609,4610,4611,4612,4613,4614"]

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    Noise Reduction earphone

    Noise Reduction earphone Regular earphones often become ineffective in deafening industrial environment, as users struggle to perceive sound clearly in noisy industrial units. Addressing the issue, designer Nicklas Ekstrand has come up with a masculine earphone that reduces the outside noise to let the user converse in noisy surroundings without any interruption.  The Noise Reduction earphone uses aluminum in the middle which makes it more robust to withstand rugged use. Designed to be used in heavy industry environment, the robust earphone incorporates a mic right in the front, closer to the mouth, to make your response audible to the recipient, while a built-in flashlight makes it perfect to be used in dark places. Users need to press the handle down to respond a call, which they can do without removing their working gloves. Featuring noise reduction technology, the on-ear speaker can be swiveled to fit booth left and right ear with ease. Noise Reduction earphone_01

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    Music Bonsai_01

    Music Bonsai_01 Bored of listening to the music collection of your room mate, Chinese designer Eason Wang has come up with a concept design dubbed the “Music Bonsai” that can deliver music sound in a directional way to let you play your own music player to enjoy your favorite tracks without distracting the other people sharing the room. Inspired by the Chinese tradition of “penjing,” planting miniature trees and plants in a tray-like pot used in bonsai culture, the concept music player makes use of the numerical technique and the Audiospotlight technique to direct the music sound to the desired direction. Dividing different music districts in a confined space, the Music Bonsai lets you enjoy your favorite music in the same room without interrupting the others. Music Bonsai [Cheers Eason]

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    BAT Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse

    BAT Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse Intended towards users suffering from the Carpal tunnel syndrome, the “BAT” from KIBARDIN is a levitating wireless computer mouse to help reduce pressure on the median nerve that supplies feeling and movement to different parts of the hand. Floating above a magnetic base, which measures 240 x 240 x 20 mm (DWH) in dimensions, the wireless mouse is made using ABS plastic to keep it lightweight as possible for the ease of use. Consisting of a base mouse pad and floating mouse with magnet ring, the levitating computer mouse is powered by universal AC adapter, input 100-240V, and output 18V. Measuring 135 x 145 x 40 mm (WDH) in dimensions, the futuristic mouse is intended to be manufactured in Netherlands and China, though it is currently in research or testing period. [gallery ids="4635,4636,4637,4638,4639"]

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    SOLARIS Digital Sundial Watch

    SOLARIS Digital Sundial Watch Inspired by the Sun, Indian designer Tanya Mantri has come up with a gen-next digital watch called the “Solaris” that is not only presents a contemporary and timelessly design but also maintains the conventional essence. Made using eco-friendly material, the Digital Sundial Watch as the name suggests generates power by solar energy. Running on solar powered batteries capable of harnessing energy from even dim sunlit zones, the digital watch continues to work seamlessly even during night time through the energy stored within the batteries. Presenting a time conversion display that presents World Time with a touch of a button, the sustainable watch comes with digital 3D Sundial which not only looks good but also works smoothly. Combining the state of the art glass display and metallic gloss to add style and elegance to the wearer, the wristwatch incorporates the SSR (Sun Shadow Reader) program to work with the position of the sun around the earth. The SSR program further converts the time into a digital shadow. Featuring unique design and function, the Digital Sundial appears much like a regular sundial, barring its ability to work indoors, outdoor and at night efficiently. No matter, if the watch is exposed to the sun or not, as it works round the clock to keep you updated with the time. Integrating LEDs within the dial, i.e. inscription, rim and shadow, the Solaris keeps changing the digital shadow or color throughout the day according to the position of the sun. Displaying date and day on the sundial, the Solaris is wholly solar powered which uses sunlight to charge up its cells to work smoothly all through the day. The dial of the solar powered wristwatch turns blue at night for better visibility, while the built-in alarm lets you set reminders to complete your important works in time. [gallery ids="4656,4657,4658,4659,4660,4661,4662"] [Cheers Tanya]

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    Pickup Power_01

    Pickup Power_01 You may get a number of power solutions in the market to juice up your gadgets, but you can’t afford to buy a separate charger to meet your diverse needs, for purchasing different power solutions will not only burn a big hone in your pocket but also create a clutter of gadgets on your workstation. Providing a solution, Quirky has come up with a smart power solution called the “Pickup Power” that combines stationary, portable and USB power outlets in single unit to power all your gadgets. Made using high gloss plastic with a silicone base, the Pickup Power includes three AC outlets and three USB outlets to keep your devices up and running. Measuring 278 x 75 x 25 mm (WDH) in dimensions, the tabletop power strip also incorporates a portable USB (4000 mah) battery to power your mobile gadgets on the go. All you need to do is push the battery down to let the spring-loaded mechanism elevate it up for easy access. Moreover, the battery comes with fold out wall plugs to charge it on the move, so you never run short of energy and stay connected all the time with the rest of the world. [gallery ids="4682,4683,4684,4685,4686,4687"]

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    Portable DVD player

    Portable DVD player Despite there being a plethora of ways to watch movies on the go there are still many people who for good reason are reluctant to rely on streaming films online. Watching a DVD or Blu-Ray still has many benefits. When travelling, particularly on trains or as a passenger in a car, there is rarely a steadfast way to maintain a good enough 3 or 4G to enjoy a film in reasonable definition without irksome interruptions. Portable DVD players have maintained good solid sales figures for precisely this reason whilst those seeking a sharper picture quality on the go can opt for a portable blu ray player. The other good reason for choosing a gadget to watch films in a slightly more conventional manner is that many people have spent years building up their DVD and blu ray discs with their favorite films. It is quite understandable that we are reluctant to consign them to history in favor of relying on live streaming when we have better quality versions available. Undoubtedly the best way to watch movies whilst on the move in high definition is to watch them on portable blu ray players. The picture and the sound quality far surpass that which can be offered by DVD, mp4 or AVI. When these first appeared on the market they were well outside the budget of many people, but ferocious competition between manufacturers has since brought down their retail price considerably. Improvements in batteries also means that it is now possible to watch hours of footage between charges, but of course with a plug socket handy as is so often the case on a train, your viewing is potentially endless. There is still very much a future in portable movie players that do not rely on an internet connection, and the emergence of the 3D blu ray player is testament to that. As for the future we shall no doubt see 4K resolution portable players before too long as the portable market keeps up with its bigger brother. We can also expect each subsequent generation of portable players to come equipped with better batteries that charge faster and hold their charge for longer.  

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  • 05/07/13--02:34: 5 Most Awesome Smart Watches
  • im-watch-300x300

    im-watch-300x300 Gone are the days when watches used to tell you only time because 21st century smart watches do a lot more than just telling time. Here is a list of five most amazing smart watches that might take some of your precious time to admire. Fossil MetaWatch In the field of smart watches, the Fossil Metawatch surely tops the list as it totally lacks any nerd factor that generally kills the appeal of smart watches. This Metawatch remains connected to your smart phone, keeps on delivering bits of information and allows you to figure out if it is necessary to take out your smartphone from your pocket. This will provide a great benefit to the customers as most people often have to keep on checking for new emails and as a result have to take out their phone every time anticipating new mails but owning a metawatch will surely solve this problem. Sony LiveView It is not only a watch; it is also a player with wearable displays. This Liveview watch can connect itself with your smartphone wirelessly and can keep providing you important information on recent updates. Moreover, you can also successfully run Android 2.0 in this watch and install compatible apps available in the Android market. I’m watch This smart watch can be costly and depending on the choice of your options and material, the price can get as high as $21,000. This watch can connect to an iPhone, BlackBerry, android and devices of Windows Phone 7. You can run Android 1.6 here and communicate with your smartphone with the help of the Bluetooth. Besides this, i’m watch can also help you in getting access to multiple apps like the stocks, weather, calls, appointments, emails, message preview and many other notifications. iPod Nano This watch from Apple isn’t exactly a smart watch officially but it is what we can call a multitouch iPod Nano. Besides telling you the time with its built-in clock apps, this small watch-cum-MP3 player also allows you to gain access to music, FM radio, pedometer, timer, photos along with many other functions. inPulse BlackBerry Watch This inPluse watch from BlackBerry is designed exclusive to help you work with your smartphone. It is equipped with performing various functions like providing you with Blackberry notifications, power-point control, i-tunes control and various other watch apps. This watch can also connect itself wirelessly with Android smartphones and also to laptops installed with Windows, OSX or Ubuntu.

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    3._20corky In this age of new technology when every little object has undergone tremendous changes – both in their designs and functions, we cannot expect the quintessential part of computers called “mouse” not to be influenced by all the trendiness in the market. Therefore, here are some of the oddest yet useful mouse products available in stores. Combimouse The concept of this new Combimouse has been introduced by an Australian company and it is a combination of both keyboard and the functions of a mouse. The right part of the keyboard can be shifted easily like a movable mouse and be used like a keyboard. This mouse is surely a relief from the shoulder fatigue you get from continuously reaching sideways for the typical mouse. Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse Unlike traditional mouse, which needs a smooth surface to function, this cordless mouse from Logitech doesn’t need any surface below it for controlling the onscreen cursor. This mouse can also work upside down or sideways and because of the algorithms and sensors installed in it, this Air Mouse can clearly make the difference between a natural human hand and tremor or intentional point and clicks. 2P Slim USB Optical Mouse Transformer fans are surely going to love this excessively slim mouse, which can transform itself into an USB. This mouse is only 0.2 inches thick and can easily fit into the memory card slot of your laptop. Moreover, the USB cable, which connects this device to your computer or laptop, is retractable for providing you with easy portability. Belkin Washable Mouse Doorknobs are considered as the most germ-filled objects we use every day. If so, then have u ever given any thought on your computer mouse, which is handled everyday and is not washable. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, Belkin introduced a unique mouse in 2007, which can be washed using water and soap for sanitizing its rubbery surface. Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse Game enthusiasts who spend most of their time playing MMOG or Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Game would fall in love with this gaming mouse instantly. This mouse contains 17 programmable in-game command buttons, which makes it very convenient for the player to reach these buttons by their fingertips while playing online games. The shape however, is also specially designed to provide comfort while you are involved in slaying virtual enemies for long hours continuously.

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    a97882_hybrid_9-toaster Toilet paper Dispenser cum iPod dock If you are the type of music buff who cannot even spend a second of your waking hours without listening to music, then this Toilet Paper Dispenser cum iPod Dock from iLounge is the right product for you to use in your bathroom. This iPod dock connected with the dispenser can support any type of iPod model and the integrated USB slot helps you to shuffle. The speakers are kept hidden in the arms of the dispenser while the navigation buttons are conveniently located on top for giving you easy access. So, with this dispenser, there is not a chance that you will ever miss a song even while you are in the bathroom. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Toaster A slice of toast in your mouth and the morning news in your ears is the perfect way to start one’s day and now with the new Hammacher Schlemmer’s Toaster it has become possible every day. This cool looking toaster is also installed with a radio which allows you to make your toast and also listen to the radio without making space for a radio and a toaster separately in your already packed kitchen. The Spacesaver: Washing Machine cum sink This combination of both washing machine and a sink on top can be regarded as the true definition of a space-saving appliance. It is engineered specially to function properly both as a sink and also as a washing machine and it is most suitable for houses with scarcity of free spaces. Mc Car: Car and scooter A combination of both scooter and a car, the display of this unique vehicle is currently going on at the Shanghai Motor Show. This unique combo is designed to help you in situations where you had to park your car too far away from your desired destination due to lack of parking space. In such an event, after parking your car you can easily cover the distance with your scooter installed at the back of your car and therefore save yourself from the trouble of walking those blocks.X Mark I: Computer mouse + Calculator Introduced by Canon, this wireless mouse can also perform the functions of a calculator. This mouse also contains Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, three clickable buttons, a scroll wheel and a 1200 dpi resolution. It can be a very useful device for people who need to use both the computer and a calculator at the same time.

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    162241091 As a genre, steampunk probably has an equal number of fans as the futurist wing of science fiction/fantasy does. However, thanks to its roots in the technological brilliance of the Victorian-Edwardian era, most steampunk gadgets are highly functional not to mention utterly beautiful to boot. Here are five of the top coolest and most functional steampunk gadgets that we have ever seen. 1. Steampunk Headphones When you read a description like “Mechanical Aural Communication Device”, you basically have no clue what it refers to. Of course, the label is a pseudo-Victorian way of saying that this gizmo is a pair of headphones. Made by a person named Nicrosin, these steampunk headphones use suede lining pocket watch parts and rubber, etc. The headphones are actually non-functional, though they can be used as awesome conversation starters. Also, you can hide your earphones in it and fool people into believing that these headphones really work on clockwork alone! 2. Steampunk Toilet Dubbed the antique lavatory of the future, this steampunk toilet actually looks something that we could see in a Sherlock Holmes movie though it could be hard to justify the presence of a laser pointing mechanism and the control panel within a turn of the century setting. But it would still be awesome to see Robert Downey Jr. taking a shite in this thing while trying to deduce clues about a gruesome crime! 3. Steampunk Vibrator Sexuality may have been a taboo subject for prudish Victorians though that hasn’t stopped engineering student Ani Niow from creating a steampunk vibrator that works using compressed air. Now if only someone could invent a time machine, take this thing back to the 1900s and introduce it to Victorian ladies, we could perhaps have been saved the whole bra burning fiasco of 1968! 4. Steampunk Mouse If you are looking for a way to mess a dope head friend’s mind up, you can use this steampunk pointer to create a photoshopped image with a fake mid-1900s setting and the image of the dude’s mug. By doing so, you can make him believe that his time-traveling self introduced the PC to the Victorians and that Charles Babbage based his computer machine designs on this very time travelling mouse! 5. Steampunk Laptop A modern steampunk enthusiast would absolutely love this wonderful Windows XP/ Ubuntu Linux running HP ZT1000 laptop. Complete with a custom-built ratcheting switch, activated via a antique clock-winding key that turns the machine on, the old timey looking laptop features a customized wireless network card, leather wrist pads, faux-antique copper keyboard and mouse, claw feet, engraved brass accents, a display of clockworks under glass and a hand-crafted wooden case. All these features make it an utter delight for people looking to capture a hint of the glory of the invention era.

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    78427566   Most people are accustomed to using their computer mice for a few basic functions. However, what most of us don’t realize is the fact that the humble mouse can be used for a range of functions to enhance productivity. We reveal the top 5 computer mouse tips that every user should know. 1. Mouse click and shift key When used in text editors and certain software programs, the shift key+mouse click combo can be used to highlight all or a few portions of the text. This can be illustrated thus – you can execute a mouse click at the helm of a paragraph, hold the shift key then click the mouse again to mark or highlight the whole paragraph. You can use this trick to avoid having to hold down the control key while you hold and scroll from the mouse at the same time. 2. Make the most of the scroll wheel Like its name suggests, the scroll wheel is used mostly to scroll up and down in a page. However, the humble mouse component also has a lot of hidden functionality. For example, you can use the wheel as a third mouse button and press down on it while the cursor is placed over a link to open that particular link in a new tab. Similarly, open tabs can be closed by placing the cursor onto the tab and clicking the wheel. To go back and forth between open web pages in a browser, you can scroll the wheel while holding the shift key. The scroll key can be used with the control key to zoom in and out of pages and webpages. Double and triple scroll wheel clicks can also help you select certain words or parts of a document or page. 3. Additional right-click functions We all know how right clicks can be used to copy and paste text highlighted by a left click, aside from viewing the properties of selected objects. But what most people don’t know is that holding the right click and dragging the object highlighted by a left click reveals additional options including linking and moving the highlighted text. When used in a web browser with a link, the same maneuver will help open the link in a new tab. 4. Side buttons on the mouse Most new computer mice have side buttons that can be completely customized to serve certain functions. These buttons can be programmed to serve as a back button, forward button or even refresh button, so you don’t have to point your cursor to these buttons on the browser itself. 5. Use keyboard keys as the mouse Gamers have been using the number pad to serve mouse functions for a long time. This really helps in emergencies when you have been left without the services of a mouse or in situations where you simply need your hands to stay right around the keyboard and can’t be bothered to move your hands to interact with a mouse.

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    graphene-earphone-diaphragm-640x353 The University of California, famous for its habit of surprising us with its technical and scientific innovations, has come up with a groundbreaking, new type of ear buds. The specialty of these ear phones is that they are made from graphene. The researchers involved in the making of this awesome new audio speaker used graphene as the main element because they have found that it is more efficient in conducting frequency responses than Sennheiser ear phones. Alex Zettl, a professor of UC and a part of the research team, finds it difficult to tell if his team is working or having fun, as they mostly have the ear phones on. Generally ear phones work by vibrating a diaphragm made of thin paper and creates pressure waves on the surrounding air. The frequency of these pressure waves determine the sound that is created. The human ear cannot pick sounds of all wavelengths. It is capable of picking sounds between the frequency of 20Hz and 20 KHz. The diaphragm of the Berkeley’s graphene earphones is made of graphene sheet of 7 mm width and 30nm thickness. The diaphragm is put between to silicon dioxide coated silicon electrodes. These silicon electrodes make the ear phones tougher. The electrostatic forces created by the silicon electrodes help in making the diaphragm vibrate. What are the benefits of these ear-phones?
    • Graphene is being called a wonder material these days and the ear phones made from it is giving high quality performance.
    • The simple brilliance of the diaphragms of the graphene ear phones is the reason for its high-quality performance. Unlike the diaphragms of other earphones these earphones do not need to be padded.
    • The graphene is very strong and gives unique thinness to the diaphragm.
    Why is it so special?
    • Instead of superficial padding the diaphragm is padded by natural air.
    • Superior sound quality makes it stand apart from all other ear phones.
    • This ear phones consumes very little electric energy.
    How will it change the way the world hears? These earphones are neither optimized nor tuned yet they give better performance than most of the similar products in the market today. The elimination of superficial padding and use of an unconventional, new material has given an edge to this product.

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    Revolution-01 The concept  The new Revolution LED watch is unique in its style, design and element. The design is bright and flashy as well as cool enough to appeal people from all age group. Unlike any other watches with dials and other common watch material, this Revolution LED is a completely new phenomenon in the world of watches. Designed by Peter from UK, this watch uses bezel not only for styling element or for measuring and setting a period of time, but it is used as the main time telling material. Besides adding a tactile quality along with a little detail, Peter has used bezel for performing one of the most important functions in a watch. The purpose The watch is designed in such a way that the time is indicated by the LEDs, which are shaped like arrows forming a ring and are placed beneath a transparent bezel. You can see the time with the help of the illuminated LEDs in the format of an analogue. The smaller arrows indicate the minutes and the larger arrows are for the hours. People who are in constant need to check their watches even when they are in dark places, then this could be the real watch for them. Sleek, stylish and full of benefits. The feasibility This unique creation could become the charm of the younger generation, a style statement for the socialites and a beneficial item for a particular group of people. As a whole, this product got an element of universal appeal and as its proportions are neither big, nor small, it is considered as unisex. This flashy watch with its intuitive and creative time-telling method has already started to gain a reputation around the world. However, what makes the watch totally unique is its bright and shinning LEDs that sparkles through the colorful bezel to tell the time. This adds an element of creativity as well as fun to this unique creation by Peter.

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    Clipboard01 AT&T approached SCAD with the idea of giving them the task of evaluating and researching various designs in the current market and developing a unique line of products in order to form a brand language suitable for AT&T. Therefore, that is when Re.tro was introduced as the sophisticated and high end line brand for office, home, phone accessories etc. Re.tro combines the design elements used in the mid-century with raw aluminum and rich walnut in order to produce versatile and stunning products for the younger generation professionals. Vacuum Coffee Machine and Cube Speaker Design The process employed in a vacuum coffee machine has been used for hundreds of years for brewing coffee. Keeping the primary coffee brewing mechanism in mind, a very modern and sleek coffee machine has been modeled in Alias with specified manufacturing. On the other hand, the Cube Speaker Design is a type of premier sound system, which has been packed into a retro inspired small package. Its clean rounded edges along with simple lines will immediately remind you of the mid-century sound system designs, whereas the screen touch control, aluminum parts and Bluetooth connectivity reflects the modern technology. Therefore, this cube speaker can be considered as a perfect example of both classic and modern designs. However, besides those precuts, Re,tro has also introduced various other unique products which are also  built by combining mid-century and modern day technologies. This endeavor to remind ourselves of the yesteryear’s common designs along with the touch of modernism has been successful in attracting attention from the current market. Their resulting products are not only unique and creative but can also deliver impressive performance. It is also a great way to remind us of our forgotten past, which has enabled the present day world to reach the current technological heights. The products are also a tribute to those designers and engineers who actually set the foundation of the modern day technologies.

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    d4a02a99bef8292239512f10d2303996 The concept The Dog Woofer is a seemingly new concept in the field of sound systems. Except for a few sound emitting technologies, this new woofer is very different from other woofers currently available on the market. Designed by Esben Oxholm Bonde, famous for his extraordinary and unique designs, this new Dog Woofer does not follow the traditional woofer designs and in fact has been designed in such a way that you don’t have to hide it in some unnoticeable corner of your room. The purpose The Dog Woofer is shaped in an untraditional way in order to make it a very good-looking device that can add an extra humor to your room. Its front part consists of a 10-inch woofer which can bring a great amount of additional bass to your home stereo. The back part consists of a special bass reflex port along with an interface system for allowing you to control the sound. Besides the ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons, this new woofer also flaunts potentiometers to help you control the level, phase and the crossover frequency. Moreover, you can also set the sound and the amount of bass as per your requirements, taste and likings. Aside from being a good-looking and stylish device, the Dog Woofer functions wirelessly as well. It further implies that you don’t need those odd cables running through half of your walls and all over the house in order to connect your woofers. Its unique design is sure to attract enough takers who would love to have it in their house. After all, it would add a touch of chicness to their living room or any other area of their house. Feasibility If we go by the features and specifications of Dog Woofer, we have no reason to label it a figment of imagination. Rather, we may see it hitting production lines sooner than you think.  

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    Ugo-SolutionEncombrement The product Alright, here’s something really innovative for users who were searching up and down to make their favorite tunes portable while reliving the old fashioned audio cassette tapes. Although the amalgamation of those little rectangular plastic cassette tapes and portable music sounds unusual, the new project by Indiegogo shows exactly that. Interestingly, the company has just unleashed its latest Ugo docking charger, which not only lets users listen to their music, but also allows them to recharge their smartphones and other devices with utmost ease. Designed intriguingly, the portable docking charger comes equipped with a powerful high-quality speaker that enlivens the nostalgic flair of audio cassette cases. Benefits The beautiful looking yet conventional Ugo basically brings you three devices in one compact package – merging the features of a docking charger, battery pack and wireless speaker. As an ardent user, you will be indulging in sounds that are more balanced and a wider range of frequencies for your love for music, while the integrated docking capability will enable you to charge your device at the same time. What makes it so special? Apart from the intriguing body design that Ugo comes rested in, the docking charger catches utmost attention for combining the abilities of battery pack, wireless speaker and docking charging into one compact form factor. The peripheral grabs a few extra points for its rectangular plastic cassette tapes enclosure and embedded Bluetooth capability for enhanced convenience. Unlike most docking chargers, Ugo is designed to be truly special which further gets better with the deeply rooted Airplay technology. The change it’ll bring in Ugo unremittingly looks enthusiastic to transform the way you listen and control your music wirelessly. Whether you want to tap your feet on peppy tunes, charge your smartphones, or simply watch videos in landscape mode, the docking station makes almost everything ‘possible’. The 3-in-1 wireless solution is surely a new way to reload your portable devices while lending an ear to those favorite songs or videos. And yes, there’s a long lasting ion-lithium battery as well to save you from the dark days. To grab your Ugo, you can simply head towards the official website of Indiegogo!

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