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    Noise cancelation has been an integral part of arms training and airplane operations since the 1950s. however, the technology has only recently made it into the consumer electronics segment and today, no self respecting line of headphones can claim to be top of the line if it doesn’t feature active noise cancellation tech. even though there are plenty of imitators and Chinese made substitutes in the market, there really is no rival to the following top five noise cancelling headphones. 3 1. Bose Quietcomfort 15 Price: $299 Bose Quietcomfort 15 are known to improve audio on all levels by bringing down the noise level found on both high as well as low frequencies. Thanks to the critically acclaimed noise cancellation tech, the pair of headphones makes it to the top headphones list very often. A single AAA battery provides the headphones with 35 hours of playback while the solid shell protects the headphones’ innards from bumps and falls. 2 2. Sony MDR-NC500D Price: $270 Sony uses its proprietary and patented AI noise-cancellation system in the MDR-NC500D which allows the pair to get the coveted title of being the best digital noise canceller. At 160Hz, the headphones can reduce all droning by 99% and can even auto adjust NC levels according to office, bus or airplane settings. A single charge on the rechargeable battery can last up to 28 hours and the memory foam ear cushions only add to the comfort of the headphones even more. 3. Harman Kardon Noise-Canceling Headphones Price: $299 For sophisticated listeners, the nostalgia-inspired Kardon Noise-Canceling Headphones from Harman are a must have. Offering great sound quality along with a premium and sleek finish, the NC headphones comes with performance and quality enhancing features. Users can also turn the NC feature on an off which is a feature that a lot of other headphones in the segment do not offer. 4. PSB M4U 2 Price: $399 In the noise-cancellation category, the PSB M4U 2 is a pair of headphones that allow users to enjoy every genre of music with unparalleled high quality. The headphones offer three listening modes including active noise-canceling, passive and active through its Tri-Mode archetype which makes the M4U 2 a favorite with users of all ages. 1 5. Sennheiser MM 450-X Travel Price: $450 Offering hi-fi stereo sound that one usually gets from higher end five-star speakers, the Sennheiser MM 450-X Travel is one of the top end NC headphones. The pair comes with NoiseGard 2.0 technology capable of reducing up to 90% of noise in one’s surrounding. The pair comes with Bluetooth connectivity though the 8 hours of battery life may seem like a bit of let down for the kind of price that the headphones command.  

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  • 07/04/13--22:34: Review: Canon MG6320 printer
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    The Canon Pixma MG6320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer is a multipurpose home and office printing solution. The model stands on the higher end of the famed Pixma printer lineup from the company. However, most experts and everyday users agree that photography giant Canon appears to have given MG6320 a kind of technical finesse to handle photo-printing jobs with relative ease. The MG prefix is an indicator that the printer is designed primarily for photo printing jobs more than office work. The model is designed to work with high quality, high gloss photo paper from Canon with a high-end six-ink imaging system that makes AIO printer customer friendly too. Major pros: 1. The Canon Pixma MG6320 is one of the best photograph printers in the market. It returns a crisp image and can handle higher resolutions easily. 2. Wireless connectivity allows the printer to handle most home and office printing with ease. 3. The petite build of the printer allows it to be placed on shelves or stashed inside cupboards. 4. The straightforward menu of the MG6320 makes it easy for the first time printer owners and novices. 5. Canon offers each Pixma MG6320 model with an easy to understand manual that comes with clearly illustrated and simple directions. 6. The printer comes with a 6-ink color system that allows you to replace individual colors instead of buying the whole set. This makes using the printer for photo printing slightly less expensive than rival models. Major cons: 1. The Pixma MG6320 is slower than most AIOs. Even when printing black-and-white photo prints, which is the model’s USP, the printer takes around five minutes to chug out a letter-sized print. 2. MG6320 printer can only fit around 25 sheets of photo paper for both 5 x 7-inch and 4 x 6-inch prints. For documents, the printer only fits 125 sheets of paper, which makes large print jobs tough. 3. Most AIOs come with an ADF (automatic document feeder) for copying and scanning multiple page documents but the Pixma MG6320 doesn’t come with one. 4. The cost per page (CPP) of prints as well as the per-page price of the ink on the model is higher than that of most competing models. 5. The plastic build of MG6320 doesn’t feel too sturdy and the durability of the paper trays and the accessories may be questionable. Is it worth the cost? The Canon MG6320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One retails for $199 and has been available in the market since December 2012. Being a higher end AIO, the price of the machine itself isn’t too steep but it certainly isn’t worth the price for businesses that need to print non-photographic documents often. Additionally, given the printer’s high-resolution setup, you will need to replace your printer cartridges quite often. If you want to get a lot of work done in a day or two with this printer, you can get Cartridges Direct printer cartridges as they can have your printer cartridges shipped out to you in no time.

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    Want to go sustainable and green? Then start with green laptop cases! Eco conscious computer geeks and nerds must opt for sustainable, eco-friendly laptop cases to carry their computers. The best part is that most of these green laptop cases are incredibly light weight and sturdy. Here is a list of five best green laptop cases that eco nerds would love:
    • Green Case- The handy Green Case is easy to carry and light weight. All you have to do is keep your laptop into it and secure by looping a thread around a big button. The product is quite stylish with an angular keyboard holder, which undeniably is a great feature for regular laptop users. Moreover, being an ergonomic product, it offers you more comfort and lesser stress on your wrists. Made from recycled cardboard, it can be used for storage purposes as well.
    • Bamboo Laptop Case- Your MacBook requires a bag that is as sleek and stylish as your laptop. So, choose Silva’s Bamboo Laptop Case. The case made from an assembled sheet of solid bamboo has natural tung oil for smoother finish. The glossy finish and hard exteriors are complemented with wood felt, which provides a soft support for your 13 or 15-inch laptop.
    • Eco Portabile Grande EPG 1- This 17-inch laptop bag is organic and eco-friendly. Made from cotton canvas in red cherry tone along with brown wool felt, the laptop bag is not only sturdy but also soft enough for your laptop to stay secured. The bag comes with three gusseted pockets for battery cables and for keeping other items like hard drive, iPod or wallet. The snap closure is magnetic for non-fussy use and the shoulder strap is adjustable.
    • Wood Cased Macbook- If you want to disguise your Mac laptop then there is nothing better than the wood casing. Strong and sturdy, this shiny bookcase is easy to use and keeps your laptop clean. Plus, this is eco friendly. The Protection case can also work as your mini station!
    • Bag Leaf in Flamingo- Love to carry your style in eco-friendly way? If yes, then this chic laptop bag is a must for you. The subtle leaf embroidery and magnetic snap on outer flap makes it easy to use. Two compartments offer extra space for storage. Contrast lining makes it uber cool and it does not need much maintenance. Just wash it with mild detergent and air dry.

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    When you push your computer components beyond its limit for squeezing out every last ounce of its processing power then you are overclocking your CPU. Overclocking your computer components will make it perform more operations but it will also produce more heat. So, if you intend to overclock your computer then you will also have to provide it with extra cooling and care. home-office1 Advantages of overclocking your CPU By overclocking your CPU you can reap many benefits out of your computer system. After overclocking, your CPU becomes faster and allows you to perform more functions per seconds. Overclocking is mostly done by game enthusiast as they want their computer to run as fast as possible but with the modern computers being so fast even without overclocking that most of the time users can’t even notice if there is any difference. How to overclock your CPU Although it’s not possible to come up with perfect guidelines for overclocking your CPU considering that each CPU is different and the BIOS option of each motherboard is different as well but some of the basic ways of overclocking are as follows: Cpu-Cooler-THETA-21-PWM-
    • Make sure your system is equipped with proper cooling facilities:
    Every CPU has a heat sink and a fan installed in it so that it can deal with the heat, which is produced when you run your CPU at its standard speed. However, when you speed it up, your CPU begins to produce more heat, which cannot be controlled by the in-built fan and the heat sink. So, it is necessary for you to add extra cooling system by adding any aftermarket heat sink which will dissipate the additional heat. 15_completeloop_full
    • Consider water-cooling:
    Although water-cooling system is more expensive, still it works effectively in case of hardcore overclocking. In this system the water based coolant gets pumped inside the case through small tubes and then it is pumped out of the case after absorbing the heat produced inside. This system is more effective and efficient than the common air-cooling system.
    • Overclocking the BIOS:
    For this you will have to get inside your computer’s BIOS for increasing the clock rate or the voltage of your CPU. After increasing it by a very small amount, boot your computer and then make sure your system is stable by running any demanding benchmark for stimulating heavy use and also monitoring your computer’s temperature. After making sure that the system is stable, you can increase the clock rate again and then repeat the entire process. Overclocking little by little will prevent your CPU from getting damaged and will also increase its speed to a great degree.

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    The number of break-ins, robberies and murders are increasing day by day. We need to protect our home and make it safe for us and our children. Previously, a simple trigger alarm was the best protection people had against intruders. Technology has become more advanced and security companies have come up with new and ingenious ways to either deter or scare away intruders. Here are some of the best home security gadgets available: sti_ed55-2 Barking Dog Alarm Guard dogs and intruders have never had a very amiable relationship. Burglars are always wary of a home which has a guard dog protecting it. But what if you don’t want to keep a dog? Here’s the solution. The Barking Dog Alarm is a cunning way to keep those pesky, canine-phobic intruders at bay. The alarm comes with motion sensors, which when triggered (by unwanted sources) emits guard dog sounds in three stages – warning growls, agitated barking and fierce attack barks – enough to scare even the hardened of intruders away! Wireless Door Mat Alarm Your ‘welcome’ door mat does not necessarily have to welcome any and all into your house. This wireless door mat alarm is a pressure sensitive sound landmine (that’s as close to describing it as we can get!). Place the door mat on possible entry points of the house. Any unwanted attempt at entry into the house will be announced in a blaring din – enough to wake up half the neighborhood! 409727638_640 Fog Shield This is by far the spookiest burglar deterring gadget out there. The device comes with a trip wire mechanism, which when triggered, covers an area of 2000sqm with a dense cloud of mist within 15 seconds. Now it’s not meant to conceal your house but it will definitely scare the living daylights out of any unaware intruder. Biometric Door Lock Gone are the days of the numeric keypad door locks. These biometric door locks register fingerprints to allow access to the house. The security provided by them is sturdy and foolproof. They can remember several fingerprints and is battery powered. Repeated unauthorized attempts are logged and the fingerprints are sent to the nearest police station. THP215Photo2 Window Wedge Alarm The door and the fire escape are not the only possible entry points for a burglar. The windows are another vulnerability that needs to be taken care of. The Window Wedge Alarm system does just that. Activate the system and shut your window. Any and all attempts to budge the window or trying to open it will cause the shrill alarm to notify you and/or the neighbors that a nuisance is around.

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    Long distance relationships or LDRs are hard for both the man and the woman. Most cannot stand the test of time and distance and relationships crumble. But science has stepped in once again to save the day! Here are five gadgets that could help maintain healthy long distance relationships: kissenger   Kissenger This is the dream of every nerd all over the globe. The Kissenger allows you to send a kiss remotely to your significant other and simulates the feeling of his/her loving lips upon yours. The device has a globular structure and comes with pressure sensors and actuators. The device captures the pressure patterns from the person kissing and recreates the pattern via actuators on the device of the person being kissed. All is good with the concept, except the device looks like a pink pig from Angry Birds. Pillow Talk Sometimes all the video chats on Skype, all the expensive international phone calls, all the facebook posts and all the texts cannot alleviate the loneliness one feels when sleeping alone at night. Joanna Montgomery created Pillow Talk to solve this problem with couples. Both need to wear a special sensor ring and sleep on the special pillow and voila! They can hear their partner’s heartbeat. It’s a really special experience altogether – when the heartbeats put you to sleep and when distance no longer matters. thumb_36000_default_medium Taion Heart Kissing…check! Listening to heartbeats…check! What’s left? Oh yes, holding hands! Trust Japan with come up with a solution for that. NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile carrier in Japan, came up with the Taion Heart which employs the same principle as the Kissenger. The heart shaped device is connected via Bluetooth to a phone. When one heart is pressed the information is sent to the other half’s phone and in turn to his/her Heart device where it can be “felt”. hug_shirt_2 Hug Shirt TIME magazine awarded this to be “one of the best inventions of the year” in 2006. It is a Bluetooth enabled shirt that is embedded with devices that can recreate and simulate warmth, pressure and heartbeat of the person you love. Just link the shirt to your smartphones and the two of you can send each other hugs or touches to specific areas. If you find this idea to be weird then you can always use the app “HugMe” to send a virtual hug over cyber space. Well, you may try any of these gadgets and technologies to bring your better half closer than s/he actually is!

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    Tickets…check…passport…check…Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt…check – no, we are not crazy. There is actually a t-shirt available which detects open Wi-Fi networks. People have strange demands and needs when they are out to travel, especially if the journey is going to be long. Here are some of the most unusual and interesting travel accessories you will ever find: Portable Infrared Sauna So the hotel you are staying at does not have a spa? No problem! A company came up with this ingenious portable infrared sauna. It is like a tent in which you can sit while a 600 Watt Infrared heater warms the interiors and makes you sweat. Look cool even while you sweat! It is available at for just $400. odd_ostrich_pillow_1 Ostrich Pillow Now this is a very unusual accessory to be out and about with. Some people will agree how hard it is to nap or catch up on some good sleep if the light is too bright, or there is too much noise or even if the temperature is a little off. The Ostrich Pillow solves all of these issues in one blow and gives you a great power nap. It is a thick padded pillow-like contraption that you can put on your head and go off to sleep. It does what it’s supposed to do, but you will probably end up looking weird. It is available for $100 at Vogmask There are people who very susceptible to germs, pollution and allergies. But, they also have abhorrence for those clinical sterile masks as they just don’t go with their wardrobes. Vogmask has come up with colorful and trendy microfiber masks, which allegedly filters out 99.9% of ash, pollen, dust and germs. Get one for $20 at GG12_ESSEN_Leki_Micro_445x260 Packable Walking Stick If you are out trekking with friends and going up a trail and want to feel like Gandalf all of a sudden then whip out this sleek, 50 inch metal walking stick. Compared to normal walking sticks this stick is much cooler to look at, has an in-built compass and can also be used as a monopod for a camera. What’s more is that it can be packed into a case that is just 11.25 inches. It is available at for $40. eton-boostturbine-2000-hand-crank-rechargeable-emergency-cell-phone-charger-xl Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger Running out juice on your smartphone, when out on a trip, is normal. It is the quest of finding a power outlet that really ticks off most of us. This handy charger uses a dynamo to convert cranking to energy. 1 minute of cranking is converted to 30 seconds of charge – not much, but it will get things done when cranked for a proper length of time. This can be also found on for $60.

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    Headphones can be a lifesaver in many occasions of our lives. It can take us to sweet land of music and drown the unwanted and unpleasant noises around us. Over the years, headphones have undergone many avatars from the big ear hugging metal covers to the small and sleek modern day earphones. However, in the course of its evolution, there have been many instances where headphones took some of the oddest forms possible. So, here is a list of five weird headphone designs which will obviously allow you to listen to music uninterruptedly but will also make the people around you question your sanity:
    • Transformer headphones
    In order to wear the Transformer headphones, being a big fan of Transformer is not enough because for this, you will have to be obsessed with the Transformer characters. However, another reason to wear these mini versions of these alien robots over your ears must be your secret wish to gain everyone’s attention around you regardless of what they think of you. So, for just $38, you can happily trade your sanity for these Transformer headphones in your nearest store or in the internet.
    • The Tron-inspired headphones
    Imagine Tron in real life and you will get the picture. Yes, Tron doesn't look normal in the real world and so are the Tron-inspired headphones. Introduced by Monster cable in collaboration with Disney, these extra-terrestrial Tron headphones looks uber-geeky at first sight and remain so for the rest of the sights as well. 51ldt2LQ14L._SS500_
    • Jeweled Skull earphones
    An excellent item for the Goth lovers and some wannabe dangerous divas, these Jeweled Skull earphones have not been able to appeal to the larger audience consisting of normal peoples. However, school going teenagers in a rebellious stage might trade their souls for these earphones but even they will lose the attraction very soon. 022112-Headphones
    • Thriller headphones
    These thriller headphones are a tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson’s thriller music videos. Manufactured by ATOM Creative and designed by Johnny Lighthands, this astounding headphone is a great way to demonstrate your devotion to MJ’s legendry musical career.
    • Cigarette pack headset
    As if just smoking is not enough and you need other ways to demonstrate your love for cigarettes, the cigarette pack headset certainly looks weird. Designed for Samsung, Okia and Sony Ericsson mobiles, it is priced at just $6.79. However, if you want to annoy some hardcore anti-smoking activist, then this is the product for you with an added advantage of drowning their voices at the same time.

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    We have those who come up with some really creative and useful inventions. And then, there are some who come up with some really bizarre creations that could leave you wondering as to what they were actually thinking when they laid the ground plan for these inventions. And when it comes to the workplace, there is no dearth to the number of crazy inventions that hit our desks every day. Here is a list of some of the wackiest office gadgets we have come across so far. jap_clothes_2 USB Controlled Air-Conditioned Shirt The seemingly endless days of sweating it out in the office (literally) seem to have ended with a Japanese inventor coming up with the idea for the USB Controlled Air-Conditioned Shirt. The basic principle is simple. The cloth is made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton, and has an outlet to which a small fan is attached (right into the shirt). The fan is capable of generating powers up to 2Watts and is powered by a USB. When switched on, the fan blows cool air into the shirt and onto your body. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It would also be quite an attractive invention if not for the fact that the shirt only comes in the XL size range and you would probably end up looking like a blown up balloon when you switch on the fan. usb-posture-alert-reminder USB Posture Monitor You would probably have heard your share of advises from people who ask you to sit straight in order to avoid straining your back later on. Easier said than done though. For, inadvertently you would tend to slouch in your seat after a while. Well, the USB Posture Monitor can take care of that. A snug little device that sits on top of your computer monitor, the Posture Monitor emits a blue light when you sit straight. But slouch down even a little bit and the monitor would start emitting a bright red light right onto your face. That would be more than a reminder for you to sit up straight again. Wonder if any updates in the pipeline have an inbuilt audio capability? Programmable Soda Cans Here is a way to end those countless minutes at the soda vending machine. The Programmable Soda Can is actually a normal soda bottle that contains carbonated sugar water. The highlight of these cans are the numerous additive buttons that feature along the sides of the containers. The buttons are correlated to factors like color, aroma and flavor, and can let you choose from over 32 different combinations of soda. And the best part of this is that you can put on your thinking cap and dish up a soda recipe that might just make you a billionaire one day! ©-Ena-Macana-Nadine-Meisel-Blowfly-Alarm-Clock-2005-1 Blowfly Alarm Clock So much for catching an extra wink at the workplace! The Blowfly Alarm Clock actually claims that it can work you precisely at the time you want to be woken up. And the contraption has a little secret to achieve it. This secret is a small bowfly that is attached to a launch pad in the clock. When the alarm starts ringing, the bowfly launches into the air and starts flying around your head, making all sorts of noises until you manage to catch it and shut it down. We would not recommend keeping this alarm clock on your workplace desk lest you want to create a spectacle and bounce up and down on your table trying to swat a noisy little creature while others look on in disbelief. Hydro Powered Calculator We all know what happens when you dip a calculator into the water! So we were quite surprised to know about the hydro powered calculator which functions just like a normal calculator, but works on water. Not literally though! The hydro powered calculator makes use of three batteries that are powered by water. When plugged into the device, the batteries supply the necessary energy needed for the calculator to perform. Quite imaginative! However, some of us still prefer the good ol’ battery powered calculators.

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    Up until a few months ago, not many were aware of the movie ‘Tron’ that released way back in 1982 until its sequel titled ‘Tron: Legacy’ released in 2010. Though the first movie was described by critics as bring way ahead of its time, Tron:Legacy managed to strike a chord with the audience which fell in love with the numerous gizmos featured in the movie. And indeed, within a few months of the movie being released, the world started seeing a series of creative inventions designed after its merchandise. And given below are some of the most amazing creations that were inspired by the Tron Legacy! parker-brothers-lightcycle The Light Cycle Remember that awesome light cycle the protagonist rode in the movie? Well, you can choose to paint the town red with a particular version of this motorcycle. Developed by Parker Brother Choppers, the replica was built out of a Suzuki TLR1000, using lots of steel and fiberglass to achieve the Light Cycle look. Weighing about 475 pounds, the motorcycle is street legal and can be yours for $ 55,000. Cyglo Tires The Light Cycle featured in Tron Legacy comprised of flashing neon lights in the tires that gave the bike its legendary flashy look. Well, cycle tire developers around the world seem to have caught onto this trend, and have started developing Cyglo tires that can actually glow when on the road. The basic principle behind these tires is simple. The tires (the inner wall in fact) are fitted with motion sensitive LED bulbs which are both strong and extremely durable. Once you reach a certain speed, the motion is picked up by the sensors which in turn switch on the LED bulbs located in the tire. This in turn would give off a glow like effect in the wheel, making your bike look like the Light Cycle from the movie, and making it easier for others to spot you on the road. 2 Gunnar 3D Glasses Most of us absolutely abhor going to the cinema to watch a 3D movie, thanks mainly to those really crappy looking 3D glasses we would have to wear throughout the movie. Well, there’s no need for that now. For with the Gunnar 3D glasses, you don’t need to wear an extra pair of 3D glasses once you enter the movie theater. The 3D glasses have been developed by Gunnar (an eye wear company) in collaboration with Disney. Costing almost $100, the glasses look extremely stylish and are adaptable to even RealD 3D visuals and screens. TRON Keyboard Wouldn’t it be really cool if your keyboard and mouse emitted a luminescent light at night (or in dim light conditions)? Well, that’s exactly what the TRON inspired mouse and keyboard designed by Razerdo. The keyboard comes with a backlit feature and a detachable number pad option (to either left or right positions) for ease of gaming. Each key in the keyboard is laser etched, and glows brightly. In addition to this, you can get to see some really exciting lightning effects at the time of startup/shutdown and game alerts. monter_tron_legacy_identity_disc_ipod_dock_1 iPod Disc Someone was so inspired by the Tron Legacy that he decided to go ahead and design an iPod docking station like one of those discs in the movie that appear as weapons cum storage containers. The iPod docking station looks really impressive and give off the effect of a futuristic gadget. Be careful though, lest it transforms into a weapon and starts chasing you around the house (just joking folks)!

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    If you are the user of a tablet, then you would probably understand an individual’s woes when he complains about the battery draining faster in his tablet when compared to feature tablets. And we are not complaining either! For with the countless numbers of applications that run on these tablets, it won’t be surprising if they last through a single day without shutting down. However, there are certain ‘tricks of the trade’ that can help you extend the life of the battery in your tablet. And here are some of them. avantree_tr202_min Charge the Tablet Fully Never opt to remove your tablet half way in between charging. This way, you would be draining the battery faster and reducing its life due to repeated charging. So make it a point to avoid using the tablet when it is charging unless you get call. Plug the charger back into the tablet after finishing the call too. Also make it a point to charge your tablet only when the battery comes down to 20% or less. This way, you would avoid repeated charging which again would reduce the life of the battery. Let your tablet breathe Remove your tablet’s case or cover before charging it. Opting to charge the tablet without removing the cover would generate heat within the device which would in turn reduce the life of the battery extensively. 167336236 Disable Internet Based Applications Enabling the internet based applications on your android tablet only when you want to use them is a really smart way to saving battery life. Disabling mobile data like 3G or 4G networks, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth applications when you don’t use them can save you plenty of battery power. Of course, it would save plenty of money on your mobile internet bill as well! Stay Away from Live Wallpapers and Screens Live themes, wallpapers and screens can reduce the power and life of your android’s battery by nearly half. Try to stick to stationary wall papers and screens as much as possible in order to prevent this. Screen Timeouts and Background Settings If your android’s screen has a multitude of colors to display, try to dim the backlight so that the tablet does not need to use too much power to display these colors. Setting screen timeouts to short intervals (possibly less than a minute) would also save you plenty of battery power on your android tablet. get-rid-of-unwanted-apps-with-uninstaller-pro Get rid of unwanted apps Your android tablet can get burdened with the apps that you downloaded or installed along the way and forgot about later. And booting all these applications every time you open the tablet could have a toll on the battery life. So browse through these applications and get rid of the ones you don’t want. In addition to saving battery power and life, you would be saving plenty of disk space on your tablet as well.

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    So you’re heading to a beach for vacation. You want to have maximum fun without worrying about small things and believe us technology can assist you here too. There are a number of beach gadgets available that can help you reduce the size of your backpack, keep your devices charged and warn you about harmful UV radiations. Below we list out five such gadgets that will make your life easier while you ease out at the beach. hi-sun_05_HZcAo_17621 Hi-Sun Beach Towel So what are the things you need to have a good time at the beach? You need a towel to dry you off, good music and a comfortable pillow to be comfortable while getting the tan. Hi-Sun Beach Towel is a four-in-one gadget that serves as a backpack, a beach towel, a pillow as well as speakers. Its inflatable pillows also house the speakers to whom you can connect your iPad, iPhone or any other music player with a 3.5mm jack. This beautiful multi-purpose kit comes at a price of € 59.99. Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler I cannot think of being at beach without my favorite beer and in case you’re worried about dragging your beer cans around at the beach there is no better gadget than this remote controlled cooler that can help you move around your beer among your friends with ease. What makes it mobile is the four underside wheels that help it move in all directions. The cooler can hold up to 12 cans or bottles at a time and comes at a price of $79.95. oregon_scientific_eb612_portable_uv_monitor Oregon ScientificUV monitor While you’re out there in the sun this electronic monitor tracks UV levels and recommends exposure limits. All you need to do is strap it on your wrist and the gadget keeps track of any harmful radiations. It takes account of your skin type while determining the exposure limits and functions as a clock, countdown timer and temperature reader. You’ll have to shell out $29.99 to get one of these. FreeLoader Solar Charger While you want to remain connected while at vacation you also want to have maximum fun with your gadgets. The problem being you don’t have many options to plug-in your gadgets at places like beaches. Solar chargers such as this one make most out of the abundant solar energy available at beaches and keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod or other devices up and running. It takes 5 hours to fully charge or 3 hours while with a USB charging cable. This essential charger comes at a price of $50. underwater-digital-camera-mask Underwater Digital Camera Mask This underwater mask not only helps to keep your eyes open underwater but also to take some stunning images underwater, which is not possible with your conventional gadgets. This scuba mask by Liquid Image boards a 5 MP camera and can operate up to 15 feet inside water. It comes at a price of $135.26.

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    As the non-renewable sources of energy continue to diminish the future exists in tapping into eco-conscious renewable sources of energy that are clean and efficient. In last few years governments across the globe have shown intent to invest more in such sources, however, we as individuals too need to take initiative and introduce more eco-friendly ways to consume energy in our daily lives. Water is one of the most important sources of energy which has been powering our turbines but it can also serve as a power source for many gadgets we use at home. We look at five such brilliant ideas that use water as their fuel. Bedol Clock Bedol clock runs on nothing but on water with a small dash of lemon juice added to it. What makes it truly “tick” is the internal formation of a galvanic cell due to chemical reaction between water and lemon juice. Once, filled the clock runs for 8-12 weeks without a refill and even if it comes to a halt an internal built-in memory chip keeps track of time. The Bedol comes in a multitude of transparent glittering colors and really looks cool. Moreover, it is a highly affordable clock priced at $16 given to the fact that you don’t need to invest in batteries any more. minipak Horizon Hydrofill Horizon Hydrofill can be regarded as your mini hydrogen generator at home. Hydrofill extracts hydrogen from water through electrolysis and stores it in a Hydrostick cartridge. A 60 W DC power can extract 10 litre of hydrogen in one hour and fill a cartridge. You can charge your phone, tablets and other gadgets through the cartridge. The electrolysis of water produces no pollutants and the cartridges can be even charged through solar panels. The generator is priced at $600 with each cartridge coming at a price of $150. NoPoPo battery In case you’re thinking NoPoPo is yet another weird Japanese name you’re wrong. NoPoPo stands for (No Pollution Power) and truly so this battery serves this purpose by running on your last night party’s left over beer or in case you don’t have water at home it can even harness your pee (No kidding!). I wonder if Bear Grylls was using these in ones in of his sojourns through a barren desert. Jokes apart, these batteries can survive up to 10 years and comes at price of $26. jetlev-flyer-flying-machine Jetlev Flyer A water propelled jetpack, Jetlev flyer can help you literally fly over a water body. You can learn all your moves in six minutes and is a much more eco-friendly than conventional jetpacks. You can go as high as 30 feet with a cruising duration of about 2 hours. water-powered-calculator-green11 Water powered calculator Calculators may be out of fashion but are not as yet redundant. The calculator runs on just any electrolytic liquid and can run for about month on a refill. It comes in glittering blue and silver and is a funky gadget to get hold to. All you need to do is shell out $20 to get one.

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    Some tech products have terrible names that sound stupid and inappropriate. A tech product with a bad name cannot attract the buyers. It seems that sometimes techies who do research suggest names of the finished products as well. A creative team, who has knowledge about the prospective clients and the target market, should always coin names of the finished gadgets. The name of a gadget needs to say something about its key features to attract the attention of the buyers. Many products have failed to impress the clients due to their meaningless names. In this article, you will find info about gadgets that have foolish and unimpressive names. Sprint-Samsung-Galaxy-S-II-Epic-4G-Touch Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch: The simple and straightforward “Samsung Galaxy S II” became “Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch,” when it fell in the hands of the Sprint’s marketing team. They thought adding three extra terms in its name would make it more appealing to the buyers. There was no need to underline the obvious capabilities in this way. The name not only became heavy but also made the phone seem less smart than it actually is. T-Mobile-My-Touch-4g-White T-Mobile My Touch 4G: Very few people use mobile phones on sharing basis. Actually there is no one who has thought about this yet. The T-Mobile My Touch 4G could have done better with another name. There was no necessity of reminding the buyers that they one cell phone can be used by one individual alone. This is a classic example of names that products get in the absence of creative flare. medium01 LG Ally: We all need allies in life who will cover our tracks and keep our secrets. LG tried to give us the sentimental tickling through the name Ally for their affordable smart phone. The smart phone failed to perform and could not make many friends. The small display and bad battery life made the buyers regret their purchase. u380_400x400_large1_cf Samsung Brightside: Priced at $119, the Samsung Brightside handset had no bright side to look at. The QWERTY key pad and 3.2 inch screen could not impress buyers who preferred buying smart phones at much less. iPad_3_New_iPad200312_11_copy The new iPad: The third generation of tablet manufactured by Apple is simply called the iPad. They made it difficult for the buyers to find out the latest model as all of them have an identical name.

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    Gadgets are pricey and there is no doubt about it, but some gadgets are exorbitantly priced and do not deserve that high price tag. Tech giants are always experimenting with new ideas and designs in their research labs. Most concepts get dumped and only a few concepts make it to the manufacturing department. One big decision that every company has to make is settling on the price of their products. The tech companies have to endure heavy losses, if they do not take price related decisions carefully. Some gadgets are highly priced because they use advanced technology and offer great utility to the users, but there are gadgets from that charge you high unreasonably, as their mother company failed to estimate their market value properly. As a result, such high priced products do not attract many buyers. In this article, you will come across most overpriced gadgets of all time. voodoo_envy_133 Voodoo Envy 133: Only 0.7 inch thin and sleek Voodoo Envy 133 notebook was one of the most awaited tech gadgets of the year 2008. Its specs were not as good as expected but it was shockingly overpriced. The market price of this notebook was increased to $3,300 from an already high price tag of $2,099. The battery life was poor and this model had a meager 2 GB RAM. The 1.8-GHz Intel dual core CPU also failed to justify its high price. No wonder that the Voodoo Envy 133 did not find a lot of buyers. cisco-umi-2 Cisco umi: Cisco made the epic mistake of overpricing a product that people were getting for free. It marketed the umi home telepresence system at $599 and asked for a monthly rental of $24.99 for better video chatting quality. Skype was already there for free and umi terribly failed to impress buyers. nokia-booklet-3g-20090824-600 Nokia Booklet 3G: The Nokia Booklet 3G marketed for $299 in 2010 failed to woo clients. Many people did pay the monthly $60 rental for getting AT&T service for two years but they were horrible dismayed at the sluggish performance of the Booklet. Blackberry-Playbook Blackberry Playbook: In 2011 Blackberry Playbook was launched at a market price of $499. Though it was priced high like a full sized iPad the performance was not up to the mark. 2790743774_78044c83bf Apple Macintosh G4 Cube: The Apple Macintosh G4 Cube was a cube shaped desktop computer that did not have a monitor. It was an utter disaster priced at $1,799 and did not fly off the shelves.

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    With the fast moving living along with its challenges and uncertainties, the need for domestic gadgets has become all the more palpable. The invention of home appliances has offered a giant leap when it comes to household chores. Such innovative inventions have substantially increased the efficiency of household work along with decreasing drudgery, thereby enabling women in pursuing their occupational roles. Here are five must have domestic gadgets: whirlpool-gold-gi6farxxf-refrigerator Refrigerator: This has become a mandatory home appliance in today’s era. It helps to keep food fresh and intact for longer periods. A refrigerator makes shopping as well as food preparation convenient and that too at an affordable cost. This advanced technology is both sophisticated and functional thereby helping to preserve the freshness and quality of foodstuffs for a good and healthy diet. microwave Microwave: Almost every home has a microwave these days. This is because by cooking food in a microwave oven will not only help to save time but also make the food tastier. This kitchen appliance consumes minimal electricity and above all is easy to operate. The best part is it does not require supervision and retains the nutritive value. wwashing-machine1 Washing machine: With 80% of women being working women today, a washing machine is indeed necessary for modern homes. It is a great time saver with excellent cleaning performance. One of the greatest benefits is it does not require bending down for loading and unloading clothes that can create havoc on one’s back. ESF6800ROX-60cm-Stainless-Steel Dishwasher: Washing utensils are indeed a thankless task. Thus using a dishwasher is a wise idea. Along with saving effort and time, it uses less water compared to washing utensils by hand. This is because this appliance recycles and filters water. It is also a hygienic means for protecting the family against bacteria and harmful germs that generally build up on tea towels, dishcloths and sponges. crockpot Crockpot: This cooker can offer one with a convenient and cost expedient way of preparing healthy dishes and thus should be included in every busy individual’s kitchen. One can add their ingredients in the pot and easily head off towards their work. This kitchen appliance helps in conserving electricity thereby offering significant cost savings as it uses a little amount of electricity and heat.

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    Solar power means conversion of solar energy into electric form. Technologists have started building gadgets that runs on solar power in a large way, because they are environmentally sustainable and have a limitless fuel source. Technologists are leaving traditional technology behind and adopting the drive going on across the world. The conversion of solar energy into electric power can be done by either using PV (photovoltaics) or by CSP (concentrated solar power). If you are also interested in reducing the pollution on the planet and wanted to use some solar products, here are some gadgets that you can use in your daily life: Solar-LED-Home-Lighting-System Lightning System A solar lightning system that normally used for domestic purpose to provide energy collected at daytime. Lightning components includes PV (photovoltaic’s), solar batteries, lightning system and charger. You can place PVs in your terrace/roof to accumulate solar power and install the batteries and chargers in a safe place at home. 036 Refrigeration System A solar powered refrigeration system is made up with thermal power and novel control techniques. It includes a PV (photovoltaic’s) panel, a speed compressor and a thermal reservoir. The PV is responsible for converting solar power into DC electrical power. The DC electrical power has a compressor that directs refrigerant with a compression loop to extract the energy from insulated enclosures. solar-oven1 Solar Cookers or Solar Oven Solar cookers used for domicile purpose are the best tool of a homemaker that takes care of improvement in cooking, health, children’s safety, household budget and educational opportunities.  It produces no pollution, therefore helps in preserving environment. It uses no fuel, runs on sunlight and is easy to operate. You just have to put the cooking stuff inside it and wait for some time.  It is a form of outdoor cooking which used in conditions where less fuel consumption is required. 11232011-olar Solar Table A table that catches solar power and converts it into electrical power is known as solar table. Just place this gadget into your backyard/terrace where it can accumulate solar energy. You can run your computer, laptops, mobile phones, radios, water filters and much more with the inverter that is included with the table. It comes built in with a battery, which juices up in just a few hours when exposed to sunlight. It is usually build with stainless steel, aluminum, silicon solar cells, and fiberglass. NS400 Solar Blanket A blanket fits over the top of water pool, and also known as solar cover. It prevents water in pool from being cold at night and reduces chemicals from converted into vapor.

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    With latest technology outdating the old one, we saw a large number of gadgets hitting the market every month. In this article, we have discussed some of the future-proof gadgets that will help you stay ahead. i-inch-27-inch-1080p-monitor Monitors Today, every professional carries a laptop all the time with him or her, whether at home or in office. However, if you have full-sized monitor at home and in office desk, this will not only handy for you but will do wonders by increasing the productivity of your work.  The more pixels you have the better it will serve the purpose. So get yourself two 1080p screens for each of your work desks. Here is a reasonable 23-inch, 1920 x 1080 screens for as little as $130. However, spending a few bucks extra, give you an LED-backlit monitor ($150 and up) or around $300 to get a 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor. Though we hope for more touchscreen displays to launch, today's monitors will serve you well many years after your PC goes to the recycling bin in the sky & mdash; and they are probably not getting any cheaper. Pandigital Nova 7 inch Media Tablet 7-Inch Media Tablets We all feel monotonous with that one type of gadgets, be it your PC or your Android phone. If you need change and that too in an affordable range, here is a high-portability media tablet. You can buy three outstanding media tablets: the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 or Barnes and Noble Nook HD for $199 with the slightly large, 7.8-inch iPad Mini likely to launch in the next few weeks. Do not expect the prices to go down for premium media tablets below $199 mark, because the companies that sell them would be swallowing a huge loss. iphone-5-thumb The iPhone 5 All over the world, people still have that extreme desire of getting any product, which comes out from the Steve Jobs factory; the sole reason, it guarantees you to be the best gadget available. You can find iPhone 5 in your nearest Apple store. It has the larger screen and addition of 4G LTE, Apple has overcome the two biggest complaints about its previous versions. Even when Apple does replace the iPhone 5, the next version would not be of major up gradation; the company tends to do only a major redesign every two years. 1536_30_Amazon-Kindle-DX-Top-Ten-eReaders-reviewed E-readers If you are voracious reader and cannot see yourself without a good read in your hand, then here you have the reason to smile. The Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite have reduced their price; you now have two premium e-readers that are easy to view in bright sunlight or the darkest room. With a reasonable price tag, you have the $69 Kindle and $99 Nook Simple Touch. There is little chance that there will be any up gradation in these gadgets soon. StorageReview-Lenovo-ThinkPad-Secure-Hard-Drive-1TB-Side External hard drives and USB keys It’s a feeling experienced by all of us to have an extra space for storage. The space, that allows us to maintain our favorite collections of movies, songs, books etc, without disturbing storage of our PC or laptop. A USB 3.0 hard drive or flash drive can serve you the purpose. I hope that the price of this gadget will go down. If you buy a USB 3.0 hard drive or flash drive, you will still be happy with it in 2014 and after that too. External SSDs will be in higher spectrum of price. The wireless hard drives will continue to improve over the next few years, but will not match the speed and ease offered by a simple USB 3.0 drive. So grab it now!

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    The pace with which technology is evolving, gadgets become dated within a year or even months. If you love using old gadgets, here are some dated gadgets that still are available in the market. x052SDV291-f-1 Toshiba DVD/VCR Player While growing up in our native place, we use to rent movies on VHS and watch them multiple times before returning it back to that small shabby street store. The person who used to sit at the store seems uneducated but use to pretend super techie. We use to run hurriedly because few minutes had left of the slot and not returning within the slot timing will cost extra amount, as late fee. If you want to get that feel, Toshiba's has something to offer you! Available for $120 online, this VCR boasts one-touch recording and that big ugly black boxy look. No wonder, your family and friend after spotting this gadget in your media room will be equally nostalgic and surprised. 1367358562 Coby CX-244 Portable AM/FM Cassette Player Today, we all are so busy with our activities engaging our self from twitter to facebook and from flipboard to Pinterest; we even don’t have time to take our beloved mom for a 10-minute walk. No wonder, your mom has worked day and night all her life for making your home. Smallest of kind gesture is a rarity today, especially for the youth. How you supposed to pull off that boom box scene from "Say Anything" without any portable tape players still in production? Here's a gadget: the Coby CX-244 Portable AM/FM Cassette Player. It offers you a one-touch, automatic level recorder & mdash; which gives you the opportunity to store anything; only if you have a blank cassette tape! 6525520_f520 Crosley Rotary-style Telephones What is it about old phones that make them so appealing? Maybe it's the sound of the ringer. Maybe it's the feeling of the handset and the way you can easily put it between your ear and shoulder. Or maybe it's just nostalgia for crosley rotary style telephones. These phones combine the beautiful, wired designs with modern electronics for a best-of-both-worlds experience. It's easy and more fun with a crosley rotary style telephone device just cost you about $50 to $70 apiece. 11196434_201307051205 AT&T Adjunct Answering Machine Today, you must have got voicemail on your cool looking Smartphone. On the top of that, you must be having multiple apps, which will give you more advanced voicemail service, such as WeChat, WhatsApp etc. However, do you remember a special device just made to serve you to record all your messages? Hmm! It will make you feel important in its own way; the lovely answering machine from AT&T's online store is here for you. BT144 Bytecc USB External Floppy Disk Drive Remember that old, beautiful 3.5-inch floppy disk& mdash with small rectangular size, black color and plastic coating. It may store the small data (1.44MB) which will not allow you even to store your one favorite song and have stopped coming in the market long time ago. However, this will surly give a nostalgic feel and take you to those old difficult times of 1980s. All this comes with the Bytecc USB external floppy disk drive available at through NewEgg.

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    Batman is a superhero that fights against the crime and protect innocent people. A greatest detective or a comic/movie super hero, Batman is a fictional character that was introduced in 1939. Like any superhero that you might have seen, Batman has some peculiar characteristics too. As Spiderman sticks to any surface and Wolverine having destructive powers, Batman moves himself from one tall building to another in a single jump. Batman-Logo-batman-9683803-1280-1024 Like any other comic super hero, Batman enjoys immense popularity so much so that people are crazy for it. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we see anything made related to the superhero – cars and gadgets are on exception. If you are a geek and loves anything Batman, you would surely love to read about the Batman gadgets we have discussed in the following lines. Batman-Begins-2005-movie-props Grapple Gun When Bruce Wayne started building his new identity as Batman introduced the grapple gun which was developed by Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises, a magnetic gas gun which is able to attract certain metals (iron and steel) etc. This gun is placed on the back on his survival belt. maxresdefault Smoke Pellets Batman uses smoke pellets to fight against armed enemies when he is under fire. This helps him distract and beat his enemies. Batman used this gadget for first time against joker goons. These pellets emit lot of noxious smoke that helps Batman rid his enemies of and take them down. BAO_Launch_ShockGlovesUppercut-640x360 Shock Gloves Batman uses his shock gloves to defend himself against the electric current attacks, to disable his enemies, shield him and as an electronic baton. However, the gloves need to be recharged before being used. 8f44bd5c85e6ee51fe5b6c4b7ec21a3e Explosive Gel Explosive gel batman gadget contains explosive gel that is applied to a surface and can be operated by a button on the side of the gadget. Batman uses this tool on loose walls to stun his enemies. It is a tool build using foam like material that can be controlled by a remote device. It is also used for passageways openings, it is a wonderful weapon and it sprayed quickly in battle that can interrupt the progress, movement of enemies. Glue_grenade Freeze Grenades Mr. Freeze created this gadget. This tool encases everything in its radius of blast in block of ice. Batman uses this for freezing his enemies, unable them to work and foil their intentions. Batman also used the device to freeze the water and make ice platforms to walk.

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