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    iWatch concept byTolga Tuncer

    Watches have always fascinated us with their great designs and comfort of seeing time. With this new age comes the upgrade of the way watches have always functioned, as we now look to smartwatches. Several tech companies have come with their ideas and iterations of the smartwatch. Like most of Apple’s products, there was a ...

    The post Apple iWatch concepts that imagined Apple’s latest gadget offering appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Many innovations are taking place in the field of wearable technology, which can make many of our tasks much easier to perform. Let us look at some such wearable gadgets such as magic rings, generative wardrobe and cat ears in the following sections. Top three wearable gadgets Magic Ring: Just wear it and start waving ...

    The post Wearable gadgets that could make our lives better appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    There are many types of air purifiers available nowadays but here we will be looking at some purifiers that utilize unique concepts in their creation and how they purify the air around us. Let us go through six of the most notable ones that will surely draw your attention. Six Most Unique Air Purifiers. FLO2: ...

    The post Unique air purifier ideas bound to get your attention appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Those suffering from severe disabilities such as motor neuron or Parkinson’s disease have great difficulty in communicating with others. There may be hope with a new device that has been designed by a sixteen year old student. This device holds a lot of promise and can possibly let people with these diseases communicate with others ...

    The post Talk reads breathing to allow the speech impaired to converse appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Noke padlock _1

    If you are looking for a padlock which is safe to use, secure and simple enough, then Noke is for you. Traditional locks and combination keys have several hassles, which this padlock tries to solve. How Noke Works? Noke can be called one of the most straightforward electronic devices that works on Bluetooth and easily ...

    The post The simple padlock gets a Bluetooth upgrade with Noke appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Minipresso _2

    When stranded at a strange place without any visible café near at hand probably the only thing you day-dream about is an espresso machine for a quick cuppa. Well, if that’s the case then your prayers have been heard and the answer to them is the brand new Minipresso which can be carried around easily. ...

    The post The tiny Minipresso can fit in your pocket, but delivers good on hot espresso appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    lady using tablet

    Tablets have taken the market with storm and their popularity has not diminished one bit. When this device was first introduced into the market, people went gaga for it just because of the innovative design and unique features. The giants and stalwarts of the gizmo industry, Apple and Samsung have been contending for past few ...

    The post The multi-functional and useful tablet continues its rise for popularity appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Moto 360

    Smartwatches are seeing a solid demand due to their amazing features. These feature packed gadgets can track ones heart beat, play music, show notifications for latest apps, and send texts. It is your choice to use it as a timepiece or a symbol of fashion and gadgets. Smartwatches are design to work harmoniously with our ...

    The post Fitness oriented smartwatches that are making the waves appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    nexus 9

    Android has been ever increasing in popularity, and a good number of smartphone manufacturers swear by this platform. Everyone loves to use Android devices from kids to grannies. Thousands of Android devices are available in market. Every device has different features, making it difficult to select one. Here are five best Android devices that are ...

    The post Five Android devices that sit on top of the pyramid appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Stick-n-find sticker 2

    Students can hardly get by without the support of modern technology. It is an important part of modern life, and is relevant not just for entertainment, but also for education. Needs of today’s students have changed as compare to those of few years ago. So technology is also helping them in fulfilling all their needs. ...

    The post Five gadgets that can be helpful for kids in school appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Storm trooper Carbon fiber helmet 2

    With the availability of hundreds of gadgets in the market, it is difficult to choose the best and reject the rest. Every one wishes to have a gadget that is stylish yet long lasting. Plenty of such gadgets are available in the market made up of different materials, so what is the criterion to select ...

    The post Five gadgets made from carbon fiber appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Kube Bluetooth speakers

    For music lovers, CES has an amazing variety of speakers this year. Trade show at Vegas is flooded with unique gadgets this year that will surely blow your mind with their amazing features. People travelling a lot love to enjoy their favorite tunes all the way. So here are few portable speakers that makes journey ...

    The post Speakers that boomed full of attention in CES 2015 appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Samsung ATIV Book 9

    Along with CES, come many expectations for gadgets and technology as everyone wants to see a better product than previous year. When it comes to laptops, people expect them to come with better display, higher resolutions, and windows more advanced than the existing one. So here are few laptops that were unveiled in CES 2015. ...

    The post Laptops that made a showing in CES 2015 appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Fuhu Tablet

    Along with many other gadgets showcased in CES 2015, Tablets were the main attraction for everybody at Vegas. Different companies announced gadgets loaded with latest apps and features that are ready to hit the market soon. Some of those gadgets that were a part of this show are listed below. Dell Venue 8 7000 Series ...

    The post Tablets that ruled Vegas in CES 2015 appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Samsung 8K Glasses free TV

    Every year at CES trade show, many stunning TV’s are introduced supporting latest technology and having unique features. The show lived up to the expectations of people this year also. CES came up with so many this year having spectacular features making it worth buying. So here are some of them that are unique and ...

    The post CES 2015 TVs that turned the niche bright and colorful appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    The Axxess CE Air2

    Trade show presented so many gadgets and devices this year that are simply incredible. It had variety of products and technologies that are ready to hit the market, but among them were few that were quite weird and still many people were around them. Here are few such gadgets that added fun to CES this ...

    The post Wackiest gadgets that made the rounds in CES 2015 appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Heating slippers USB

    With the appearance of winters, people start treating themselves well with warm things. Considering things that can keep you warm and cozy is important to prevent the chilling effects of winter. With the advent of some incredible technology, one can make their bodies warmer and beat the cold. Here are some incredible gadgets that are ...

    The post Gadgets that get along just fine with the winter appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Soladey J3X Ionic Toothbrush

    Choosing a right gadget is essential to make life easy and better. With the availability of so many gadgets around us, it is sometimes hard to choose the right gadget. When in confusion about picking the ideal gadget, one can go for choosing a green gadget over others keeping in mind all its benefits. Going ...

    The post Gadgets that take a clean and green outlook appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Temp Traq

    Knowing the fact that parenting is a tough task, every parent has to work hard to make his or her kids a better person. Every parent wishes to raise a polite and healthy kid, but it is not so easy to raise one. Then how can parents raise a happy and content child? With the ...

    The post Gadgets that help with parenting appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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    Scary Skull USB

    While some people think owning a skull is weird, others find the form quite interesting. Some people are passionate about all those gothic and haunted things that they like to have one at home. Looking at this craze for skull, many companies have come up with different gadgets to satisfy their want to own a ...

    The post Gadgets crafted into the shape of skulls appeared first on Gizmo Chunk.

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